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Your Weekly Mixtape, 1 Year Later

Uh, so I majorly dropped the ball on this blog. But I promise I’m going to try and fix that, and start posting more…even if it’s just unnecessary commentary on pop culture and music posts. So, here are some tracks I’ve really been enjoying these past few weeks:

1) Sunshine – Atlas And Arrows

I’ve probably posted them in the last one too, because I absolutely love them. It’s indie/baroque folk paired with interesting vocals – she has such a distinctive voice and I love listening to them. They haven’t released anything new in quite some time unfortunately, but I’m looking forward to new stuff. There’s sense of hopefulness infused in all their sounds that I can’t get enough of.

2) Yours (ft. PB Kaya) – TÂCHES

I love this new trend of chill EDM that’s cropped up in the past year or so. It’s not super dancey music, it’s music for you to have in the background as you chill with your friends, or when you just want to relax and escape. Cool vocals paired with a sultry beat, this track makes me think of driving along the beach or just relaxing in the sun.

3) Perfection – Oh Land

Oh Land was one of those singers who gained a surprising amount of traction in a really short time about a year or two. There was a point when her music was being featured on a bunch of different television shows and getting a ton of airplay but then she sort of…disappeared. Although there are other tracks of hers that are more popular, this one remains my favorite. It keeps in with the theme of somewhat darker vibe, almost haunting and with creepy lyrics to go with. You’d think that would make this song uncomfortable, but with the strings and bass with her saccharine sweet vocals, there’s a juxtaposition of creepy and catchy that’s kind of irresistible.

4) Heartstrings – Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf was by and far my favorite character on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester had just the right hint of sass and vulnerability to make her character memorable and luckily she imbues her music with those same qualities to create this track. Her vocals are soft and complex, and the simplicity of the other instruments make this a super interesting track. She had some misses earlier in her music career (she did a track with Robin Thicke! I can’t believe I forgot about this) but this new direction is pretty great.

B, I miss you.

5) U – Micky Ekko

Speaking of strong vocalists, Mikky Ekko has fast become a staple in my playlists. His work on Rihanna’s track Stay was definitely great but his other tracks are also pretty great. U was one of those surprise tracks where I didn’t realize what exactly I was listening to at first, but the more I listened, the more I liked. His tracks have a lot of different elements and he’s not afraid to experiment vocally and they pay off. Plus, his lyrics have this honesty you can’t help but love.

6) Holiday Home – Catch Bees

I discovered their album randomly awhile ago, and they’ve remained in my iTunes since then. I love, love love male & female vocals, and the string accompaniment on this track elevates it to another level. It’s one of those songs I want playing in the background as the guy and the girl in that romantic comedy run towards each other at the end and embrace.


7) Little Bit (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix) – Lykke Li

I saw Cosmo’s Midnight perform a year or two ago, and I loved their cool vibe. They have the perfect mix of music where you kind of want to dance but you’re just as content sitting in a lounge and just chilling while listening to this. This remix has a great summer vibe while still honoring the original track and Lykke Li’s fabulous vocals.

Your Weekly Mixtape, Part 1

In order to give this blog some semblance of cohesion (and to force me to post at least once a week about something I’m passionate about) I’ve decided to introduce a new segment. Here are some curated tracks that I’ve discovered that I want you to listen to, and enjoy. Happy listening! :)

P.S. You can listen to them in any order you want, I just post them as I remember them.

1. Possibility (TASQA remix) – Lykke Li

The only good thing that comes out of the Twilight movies is the soundtracks, and the subsequent remixes. Here’s a dubsteppy version of the gorgeous track by Swedish singer Lykke Li:

2. Young – Air Review

Air Review is this indie band from Texas, if I’m not mistaken that creates adorable music. Listening to them always puts a smile on my face, and this is a really good track by them.

3. Let Her Go – Birdy

Birdy is this 17 year old English musician who a) has impeccable taste in covers and b) has this beautiful, deep voice that gives all her music a haunting touch that’s lovely. She covers the Passenger song for BBC Live Lounge, and it’s great.

4. Beyond Reason (ft. Coma) – Ghosts of Paraguay

I found this track randomly once while in the search of new music, and liked it so much that I kept in my music library. I personally really enjoy soft dubstep/chillstep, especially when it’s cold and snowy outside. It gives the day a little character, but maybe that’s just me.

5. Pull Me Down – Mikky Ekko

Most may recognize him from that great Rihanna track, Stay but his own material is really wonderful too. The lyrics are interesting, as are his vocals. It’s the perfect track for when you just want to hang out at home and relax.

6.  Best Day of Your Life – Katie Herzig

And, in an effort to end this first post on a happy note, one of my favorite tracks by Katie Herzig. You’ve no doubt heard her music at some point (she’s featured on a lot of television shows) and this is a really fun song by her, and I love the incorporation of strings into it. Overall great song.




The theme song on the Mindy Project, WTF.

Look, I loved Mindy Kaling on The Office. Kelly Kapoor was exactly the kind of person that I simultaneously loved and never wanted to be friends with. It’s also what led to me to start watching The Mindy Project, because I was really curious to see how she’d handle the reins on her own show. I personally really like it, and think it’s funny (but can also be incredibly obnoxious, but I guess that’s Mindy Kaling’s thing) but that theme song is SO IRRITATING. It’s not even a song, or a catchy tune it is literally just some chick going AH AH AH AH but in a really squeaky and high-pitched tone, with some weird dubsteppy kind of beat to it. IT HAS NO PURPOSE, please just get rid of it Mindy Kaling. I believe in you.


Rant over. And yes, I realize I can just forward it but like it’s just a few seconds and completely pointless, just get rid of it altogether!

5 Reasons Why I Continue to Follow NBC’s Dracula

5. I like vampires. There I said it. I mean, I like the concept of them, and I really do enjoy the whole tortured ‘I-want-to-be-good-but-I-am-so-cruel’ vibe that tinges EVERY VAMPIRE in pop culture but yet I continue to watch each new series centered around vampires because I like seeing what twists they add to make them new and exciting and not Edward Cullen.

4. There are some seriously good-looking people on that show. Look, I’ll admit that I am slightly shallow and fine, I’ll also admit my interest in a show exponentially increases if it has good-looking cast members. Don’t get me wrong though, if the show sucks despite hot people, I will stop watching (case and point, The Tomorrow People on CW. Wtf that show is so stupid) but in any case, the guy who plays Jonathan Harker on the show is seriously hot, and he has a great accent to boot.

3. I’m really enjoying the whole science and technology angle that they writers taken. Dracula/Vlad Tepes wants to walk in the sun, and is using electricity and scientific concepts in order to develop technology in order to do so and be immortal AND invincible. I really enjoy that Dracula actually has a brain and deigns to use it, and isn’t all “oh I love a girl, look at how passionate and deep I am”. Okay well he does that he every now and then, but it’s not the whole premise of the show.

2. I’m still holding out hope that the actor who plays Van Helsing will suddenly be replaced with Hugh Jackman, so that he can redeem himself for that horrible movie he made ages ago (don’t think I’ve forgotten about it Hugh). And perhaps burst into a song or two, just some peppy stuff for when Dracula’s cranky, ya know?

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s mustache. I seriously can’t decide how I feel about it, so I continue to watch it in order to derive an opinion. Do I love it? Do I hate it? WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE?! I want it to be there and not exist all at the same time, it’s such a conflicting feeling. Also, he does a a great American accent, but that totally ends up playing second fiddle to the mustache

Exhibit A: Please note said mustache. It’s looking right at me, I can’t look away

Unfortunately though, I’ve seen various sites suggest that Dracula will probably be canceled though, which upsets me because I’m almost caught up, and it really is a cool show all things considered.

Birthday Sex

Because sex in a title always gets everyone’s attention.

but no really, just thought I’d post my latest music obsession on here. Here’s a treat for your ears (and it’s so much better than the original)

Arrested Development & Family

Since I’ve been stuck in bed due to various dental issues (root canals, extractions etc.) I decided to use this time to catch up on more TV shows, and decided to blog about them too (thus making sure I don’t fall in the usual trap of not following through in my endeavors)

One of the shows I chose was Arrested Development, mainly because I’d heard so much about the show, and had only seen a handful of episodes throughout the years but was nonetheless intrigued by it. In any case, I’m a little over halfway through the first season and thought I’d write it about a little as I progress through the show.

The show centers around a dysfunctional family, the Bluths and how they manage after the family’s patriarch is imprisoned – it seems weird that I’m making a comedy show’s plot sound so serious but whatever, moving on. The truth is, the show’s so much more…darker than I had anticipated. Yes, it’s funny in terms of the situations the characters are in, and their quirks and all but at the end of it, it puts forward of all these notions of family that are utterly depressing (and yet still find a way to make you laugh, oy vey dark humor)

It’s a family that’s designed to have the worst problems, all the issues that can plague a family packed into one absurd one, whether it’s having a crush on your cousin, or a mom who blatantly plays favorites and/or siblings whom you don’t connect with, or understand for that matter. It sounds horrible in theory doesn’t it?  Yet Arrested Development has this way of making these awful characters lovable in their own way, and make you grateful for your own family at the end of the day. It makes an important point about not really being able to escape your family, even when they drive you nuts.

I still have a lot to catch up to when it comes to the show, but I hope it remains as funny. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would, and I’m excited to finish the show


I keep getting all these ideas for blog posts, and then I abandon them because I think I can’t blog about them…until I remember that this is my own blog and I’m free of all restrictions, so FUCK YEAH BLOGGING.

However, my ideas aren’t all that great to begin with but I’m still writing this half post that I want to develop. Let’s see how this goes.

I’m really loving the new Lady Gaga stuff, specifically her new song Gypsy. I’ll admit that I wasn’t paying too much attention to her music (despite downloading her album a few weeks ago) but then I finally got around to watching her performance on SNL (which I really enjoyed) and the song’s been stuck on repeat ever since.

I guess I’m identifying with it all the more than ever before because I’ve been hit with a serious case of wanderlust and the song just really encapsulates what I want from life (oh god I’m reading this over and I sound so incredibly cheesy and cliche, this is horrible I’m so sorry) All I want to do is travel and see the world, and then I think of all the things holding me back and it frustrates me to no end. I feel this urge to just pack in as much as I can in my early twenties, and I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s part of the whole lost generation rhetoric – of realizing that there isn’t much good in store once I graduate, or just that I see my twenties as my golden age and everything goes downhill from there…or some sort weird paradoxical combination of the two.

But in any case, Gypsy kind of struck a chord with me..mainly because I find that lifestyle so incredibly appealing at this very moment. I like the idea of not committing to any one place, of moving around and seeing the world, just experiencing life as much as I can. Living out of my suitcase doesn’t seem as unappealing/stressful as it might have a year or two ago. I guess that’s also because I know that in a year, I graduate and then I can go anywhere in the world – if I so chose to.

It’s a staggering thought to know you can do anything you want, if you choose to do so. And that’s the hard part, making that choice and then living with it. Of understanding that there are consequences to these decisions, and that you commit to whatever happens after you’ve made the decision. It’s a thought that I’ve been wrestling with for the past few months, and I still haven’t come to a solid conclusion about what I want to do. I’m hoping it’ll come together, fast.

The Newsroom

So it seems like the writing bug has struck me…

Which, of course, means that there will be an inevitable barrage of posts on this blog, and then they’ll taper down and I’ll stop posting. I’m hoping recognition of the problem is the first step to solving it.

I just spent the last few days catching up to The Newsroom, and I’m still in the midst of deciding how I feel about the series overall. A lot of people recommended the show to me, mainly because I’m interested in journalism and I’m pretty liberal in terms of my political leaning. After two seasons of watching the show though, I still have some caveats when it comes to the writing/story structure of the show. I’ll admit that to an extent, it really does remind me why I wanted to go into journalism in the first place (although I’m flip-flopping on that currently, but that’s another blog post for another time) but at the same time, the show quickly veers into liberal-boner-territory which irritates me.

Although I do agree with the brunt of the show’s content, it does feel very heavy-handed in their attack of the Republicans, and it gets old and gimmicky fast. For all the emphasis on being fair, and unbiased, the show’s writing tends to contradict itself consistently with its constant attacks on Republicans, without acknowledging the failures within the Democratic party.

[spoilers ahead for those still not caught up]

Despite this, I did enjoy the season overall. I wish they had focused on the Occupy Wall Street a bit more, although I did really like the points Jeff Daniel’s character made in regards to the movement. I do however, feel incredibly stupid for not knowing about the CBS/Benghazi scandal (the Genoa storyline on the show is mirrored after that) and I read about it after being done with the show…and I’m just like, “wow, how did I not hear about this before?!”so hey…at least the show taught me something new!

I will say though, that Olivia Munn basically saves that show.There were quite a few times during the season when the humor seems forced, and the plot isn’t moving along at a decent pace but throughout it all, Olivia Munn is incredibly fun to watch and plays her character well – shrewd, smart but not afraid to be vulnerable…which is how I’d like to think she is in real life too. Also, that nude picture story line that happened, I wonder if it hit a little close too home for both Alison Pill and Olivia Munn.

I read somewhere about how Sorkin does most of the writing of the show himself, and I realize how exhausting that can be. It’s why I’m loathe to criticize his writing but there were elements of cheesiness/campiness throughout the series that I really could have done without. To be fair though, a lot of that seemed to happen around the various couples on the show and I generally don’t like either couple on the show (they just aren’t all that appealing, and they serve no purpose… I just want to see them do their jobs! That’s why I’m watching the show!)  so I’m even less forgiving about these shortcomings of his.

In any case, I’ll end this here. Maybe I’ll remember more stuff to write tomorrow!

The obligatory introduction

I decided to start a new blog. I don’t know if I’ll maintain this half as much as the other ones, or if I’ll abandon this midway through…nor do I know how often I’m going to post on this but as of now, this seems like the right decision.

I still don’t know what the content is going to be. Books I’m reading? Venting about TV shows? Talking about my life? Music I’m liking? A combination of all the above? Too many question marks? Okay I’ll stop now. It’s nice to have my very own blog, free of all the restrictions with the other ones I was writing. So, for now, I’m just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.

But in any case, I’m filled with ideas on what to write. I’m still debating on whether or not to keep my Tumblr account since I never post on it – or maybe just transferring content from there on to this, mainly the quotes that I saved on it. But I also want to put those quotes in to physical form in that cute notebook mom got me…I don’t know if that’s overkill though.

I’m also slightly terrified that someone I know will find this, although I don’t know how since I don’t intend to promote this on social media but let’s see. If you find this, and you know me…HELLO!


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