The theme song on the Mindy Project, WTF.

by myraniz

Look, I loved Mindy Kaling on The Office. Kelly Kapoor was exactly the kind of person that I simultaneously loved and never wanted to be friends with. It’s also what led to me to start watching The Mindy Project, because I was really curious to see how she’d handle the reins on her own show. I personally really like it, and think it’s funny (but can also be incredibly obnoxious, but I guess that’s Mindy Kaling’s thing) but that theme song is SO IRRITATING. It’s not even a song, or a catchy tune it is literally just some chick going AH AH AH AH but in a really squeaky and high-pitched tone, with some weird dubsteppy kind of beat to it. IT HAS NO PURPOSE, please just get rid of it Mindy Kaling. I believe in you.


Rant over. And yes, I realize I can just forward it but like it’s just a few seconds and completely pointless, just get rid of it altogether!

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